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JLX is a company with vast experience in the field of Autotransport and Logistics processes, we are involved in the International Motor Carrier industry for a long time ago, our history takes us to the beginning of the eighties, we have grown based on the confidence that we have provided our clients based on service, honesty, reliability, and cost, we have been privileged to serve the most prominent companies in the maquiladora (assembly plant) industry in our region, validating our capabilities and personalized service



Our mission is to achieve excellence in all the services we offer, in an integrated, safe, efficient and reliable way, creating lasting strategic alliances with our clients, supporting their development and growth, always seeking to be an essential part in the chain of supply.



Our vision is to become the number one carrier in our region,always committed to provide a service with reliable results, to meet the logistical needs of our customers, through a process of continuous improvement, and based on our transport infrastructure, Security, highly qualified personnel and with the use of cutting edge technology, to meet all the requirements of our customers


Customer Satisfaction, Punctuality, Responsibility, Respect, Honesty, Timely and Effective Service, Security in Our Processes, Business Integrity, Training, continuous improvement and maintaining quality control of our processes.

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